SHAT: Sport Highlights American Television

A New Half Hour Comedy…

Soon to be covering screens everywhere, it’s SHAT! Sport Highlights American Television!

The producers and writers of the hit TV comedy, MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) are delighted to show you their latest opus!

That’s right, comedy fans, get ready for SHAT, “Sport Highlights American Television,” a new half-hour scripted comedy that’s ready to blow the balls off other sports highlight shows.

Our recipe for SHAT is simple. It starts with a loving spoonful of ESPN’s SportsCenter, poured over a heap of Russian television, and mixed with pounds of bizarre and funny sports footage, all sprinkled with irreverent and outlandish commentary. Our play-by-play boys, Buck Peters and Keith Crowning, two former eastern-block athletes who are re-dubbed in English, broadcast their sports highlights from our brick SHAT-house, tucked away somewhere deep behind the Iron Curtain. Our retro (i.e. too many TV’s and lots of laminated wood) news/sports set is the perfect place for Buck and Keith to muse on the latest in the wide, weird world of sports.

If they ask you why you’re smiling, just tell ’em…YOU GOT SHAT ON!

SHAT Writers: John Cervenka and Chris Darga (Writers & Producers, MXC, and former Groundlings), Kevin Schini (Writer, MXC and Comedy Central Roast series)

SHAT Executive Producers: Derek Williams, John Cervenka, Drew Lucas