On Pitch


A high energy one-hour docu-series filled with emotion, excitement, and fun, that follows one or more of the top high school show choirs in the country on their journey to compete at the national championship.

In each episode we’ll follow the unique stories of these incredibly talented students and watch firsthand as they pursue their dreams, while building life long friendships.

Each step of the journey will challenge them both creatively and emotionally.

From the school performing at high energy shows…pursuing their journey towards the national championships…great friendships getting tested under enormous pressure…students dealing with real life challenges within their families…amazing talent blossoming…as well as learning to give back to their communities.

What we’ll discover through the lives of these students is that life isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about the journey and friendships that are build along the way.

The lives of these teenagers will be captured through documentary style footage, as well as personal videos and interviews filmed by the students themselves.

Viewers around the world will have a chance to join in via social media and vote for their favorite performance songs, set designs, and support iTunes singles that raise funds for the school, community, and causes the students are passionate about helping.

Executive Producers: Derek Williams, John Cervenka, Andy Johnson

Represented By: Marc Wax at Wax Entertainment, 310.780.9428